About Me

“Attending in ISPP TEDx in 2016”
We are all like a kite, flying as the wind blows but only reaching so far since the string is being held tightly. If that string is released, the kite travels further, yet if the wind is too strong, there is no guarantee the kite will continue to soar.  
My name of Chhoeu Chhoeun and I want to change my country, Cambodia, for the better. As a 15-year-old boy, learning and experiencing new things is incredibly important to becoming better and developing my passions. I love to help people in my community and strive to get involved and volunteer, even it if is hard work. I also love music, original songwriting, playing instruments (guitar, bass, and piano) and all kinds of sports.
I attend Liger Leadership Academy(LLA) and this is the best school I’ve known because of its educational model. As students of Liger, we’ve traveled a lot which has opened my mind to identify what are the issues that the country or community faces and how can we solve these problems. We are encouraged to take that initiative and make the changes needed in our communities. I live by the “hope of change.”
“Cambodian greeting hands next to King 7”

Lastly, understand who I am is to understand what I’m passionate about, talent/strength and what makes you is you. For me, everything involved in businesses, community works, sports, and music I really passionate and have motivation in doing it so. Learning from mistakes and building up myself to be a real person, a real man. Nick Vujicic stated, “I will try 100 times and I will fail 100 times, but I will try again and again and again.” So don’t be afraid of failure because the more you fail the stronger we are.  


“Liger Leadership Academy students are English Language Learners. They have been immersed in English for over five years but are still developing grammar and fluency. At Liger, we pride ourselves on prioritizing process over product. Please excuse any English errors as part of the learning continuum our students have taken over the years.”