Changing Cambodia

Time’s moving, from day to night and from night to day. Why is that happen? Well, that’s from the world is spinning, so then everything is changing. To provide a change toward Cambodia is a big thing, but we can change it step by step.
This year 2016, at the Liger Learning Center we have many projects and most of them were things that help change Cambodia. I had joined a difficult exploration with my team mate. This exploration called Project Evaluation. What we did was to observe the two projects(PBL and STEM) working or not, we can say it relevance to implement those two project in Cambodia. We worked with two government schools in Phnom Penh and Kratie. We had evaluated the project also wrote a report for government including the recommendation to make these project working in Cambodia. I’m just a student but involving in the project that can make changes to Cambodia. My team mates had presented to the government and answering the questions that they have from our report. As the results was shown is positive. What this project help change Cambodia are better education, help government, help Cambodian teachers and students and more. The process of we are doing it is simple, but it’s hard when you start to analyze then we find a recommendation.
This is the second project that help change Cambodia is Cambodia chili sauce make by Cambodian with the fresh ingredients. As you see in the international market have you seen Cambodia chili sauce? And I can’t prove that have or not but rarely to see it. The chili sauces that you have eaten everyday we’re export from other countries. Now you ask yourself that what if we show the world that Cambodian also have their own chili sauce. In Liger everyone had joined in this exploration to make a Cambodian ingredients and fresh chili sauce. Then when this project over we hope we have a final chili sauce and show the world that Cambodian have a delicious and unique chili sauce. That help Cambodian economic because when more people buy our chili sauce and we have to make more than we make more money to our own country also the ingredients are all in Cambodia so the money traffic are travel in Cambodia.
This third project is about film making. This project gives Cambodian kids to write their imagination story and try to compete with others. As you saw in Cambodia, the most popular movie were Korean, Thai, Chinese and American. So the scale of our movie had dropped down and why? The reason is the writing skill is not attractive to the audiences. But it doesn’t mean that we are not good at it but we just need to improve. So the Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival helps the new generation to write their own story and shot it. Then they can learn how to write and more attractive. So then Cambodian movie is getting popular. That’s back to economic because more theater will buy those movies and the money toward Cambodian.
The last thing is about songwri

ting. Music can make you sad, relax happy and more. People likes to listen to music. As I saw and have heard the old music or songs the writers are talented. They make an original music that make people out of control to listen to it. But time passed from one generation to another generation. Which means that people getting change and they like to listen more to a present song. The writer also changed from original to cover. Some writers are still making an original song but some are cover other countries popular songs. Now you might think Cambodia song is cover and they didn’t have an original song. There is but they’re not popular. So the writers still cover and didn’t show their original talented song. Then people will look at Cambodia and think Cambodian didn’t have an original song. They might call Cambodian a master song cover. So then Cambodian youth aren’t appreciate Cambodian writers anymore and it’s true now. For me, I always make an original song and I often sang others artist song. When I sang and wrote more original song people were appreciate the original song and they’ll understand how important an original song is. Then Cambodian having their own original song and not a song cover country anymore.
Change is a major thing that’s always happen. Also, to change Cambodia is big and we start with step by step. There’s a quote call filling a bottle drip by drip till it full. I’m ready to change Cambodia with those small steps and Cambodia future is like my future.

Changing Cambodia

If we talked about Cambodia, it’s always about developing. To develop is the big topics. Change its can be good and can be not good. But if we are Cambodian we need to help our own country first before help others. Now I’m coming back against this year to develop. In Liger, every year they always teach us three to five topics that can help Cambodia. This year I can change Cambodia about water system and treatment. Everyone in the world need water to survive other why we all died. When we live with the bad environment, its very effect to our health. We might get sick and others disease that we can’t know.
To decrease the water pollution we need to:
Before we drain the toilet H2O we treat its first
The Ministry of Environment should create the treatment system to treat all the waste from the house, agriculture, factory, building and etc.
Don’t put the sand to cover the river or pond because river or pond help to treat the water
Don’t let’s people throw the rubbish in the river/pond
When plastics get in the water the fish think their food then eat so the fish get pollution, people catch the fish and eat people get sick too.
Checks the irrigation system in the town struck of the rubbish then the water can’t get in so it get flood
To help our environment it start with our self
They are more ways to solve the problem
Base on the ministry of agriculture:

when we in the ministry of agriculture
when we in the ministry of agriculture

90 percent of the people in Cambodia are farmers and 80 percent of that were growing rice.
Before people use cows to pull for plow but now some most people used truck
Hun Sen said: “rice is the gold.”
To help people families economics I need to find the market for people to sale
I need to find the investor to invest the rice
I will find the export partner to export the rice as much as we can
Find the organization to teach the strategies to help farmer to get a lot of yield