Literacy: “The Rent Collector”

What’s cool about this year for my literacy class was that I’ve been chosen to be a part of the Liger Leadership team. The lessons for the class were very enjoyable and I felt like I love literacy more than before. Personally, I don’t really like reading and when I read something, I don’t really understand it. But, after Cara introduced me to The Rent Collecter book, I really enjoyed reading the story and it has changed my life. My perspective toward the world and life have changed after reading this inspiring story. 

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The start of school 2017-2018, I’m attending in physic class and we’re learning about kinematic. Based on the definition on the internet, the word kinematic is the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces which cause the motion.


There are fours equation in kinematic which uses to identify distance(d), time(t), a(acceleration), gravitational(g), Initial Velocity(Vi) and Final Velocity(Vf).  


Keep in mind that something starts from rest then Vi is zero but if something comes to a stop then Vf is zero. If something falls down then it will be negative acceleration which is the gravity of -9.8m/s2. Related to negative acceleration is when something falls down or deceleration. Lastly, when throwing an object straight up and it comes back down at the same place without air resistance so the Vi is equal to Vf.


What is STEM?
The full words of STEM is Science Technology Engineer and Math. We had learned many things from this class such as energy and we had built some prototype of roller coaster and projectiles. IMG_20150917_092627


We study this class during our essential and expertise classes. In expertise class we want to make a science book to teach the students in Cambodia (usually kids). The students from other school bring up the ideas what science that they want to learn more and us trying to create the book about science for the kid to read.



DSC_0830What is Khmer literacy?
What is Khmer literacy?
Khmer literacy is the subject that we study about listening, writing, speaking and reading skills in the Khmer language. We learn this subject as our essential class to make sure that we don’t forget our first language. In this class we also learn about Cambodian culture.



Name of Course: Robotics 2

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 12 students

Days we Meet: January 19 to March 27

Course Description: In this Advanced Enrichment we learned lots of programming the robot. To program our teacher told us to do what challenge that we can work on. There were five challenges that Max told us to work. The first three challenges Max wanted us to make our robots move in the square using three different sensors. Next he told us to have a competition to see which robot is the fastest and what strategies that they use. After we knew the result he made the last challenge for us. That challenge was called Dragon Challenge. If we did right all we will get 90 points but it is so hard. In that challenge there were fire, dragon, people that helped one person stuck in the dragon place. We had to knock down the dragons and fires but don’t knock down the people who were helping. If we knocked the people that help we will lose our points.


Name of Course: Botany 1

Learning Facilitator: Jojo

Number of Students: 12

Advanced Enrichment Dates: August 12-Oct 17

Days We Meet: Monday and Tuesday

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Course Description:  In Botany class we learned about the plants. Every day when we studied in the class we had the time to experiment the plants. First we took the seed to put it in the containers and we put the water for the seed. So that means everyday we needed to come and check the seed that we have grown and we need to take notes about our seed that we grew so we can know how much that the seed has grown in each day. Then we learned about photosynthesis. It means the plants get the sunlight from the sun to make photosynthesis and the plant makes photosynthesis by the leaf. The plants will make their own food. In each day we had the competition with each other about our plants that we have grown and which plants that grow the tallest is the winner. After that we have learned about how he plant get germinate. Germinate mean the plants is start to grow. How the plants germinate is first it start from the seed then the seed get bigger and then it broke their skin then the seed it broke in a half then the roots come out when their roots grow bigger their stem start to grow too then it have the leaves so we need to put the soil for the plants grow and that is how the plants germinate.

Art History

Advanced Enrichment Name: Art History

Learning Facilitator: Jo

Number of Students: 8

Date: March 30 – June 12

Days We Meet: Thursday and Friday

This Is Liger That I learned Art History And Other Subject.
This Is Liger That I learned Art History And Other Subject.

Course Description: Our group learned about Art History. The first time we learned about the Art of Greek. We found the information from the videos of their history and looked how to paint. We tried to find the interesting things from the Greek art and then we chose to paint the Greek urn.

First we didn’t take the pot to paint but we used the papers to make the pot shapes. We took our computer and found the styles of the Greek urn and drew some of their style in the paper. When we did it finish we tried to draw the pot on the papers. When we finished we cut it out and we painted colour orange. If we wanted to have the picture that we want to draw to colour orange we painted the background black. If we wanted the picture black we painted our background to the orange colour.

This is my pot that I make and design by my self
This is my pot that I make and design by my self

When we chose finish and we waited for them to dry. Then we drew the style of the Greek. When we finished we drew the things that told us about our life. Then we painted the colour on it and waited for them to dry again. Then we had the paper Greek urns. Also our groups learned how to paint. We found information about Monet and Leonardo Da Vinci. We watched the video of the Rome and about Leonardo Da Vinci life. We had the book that told us about the types of art of Rome and Leonardo Da Vinci. When we watched finish we started to choose the art and started to paint like that picture. We chose Monet art. First we took the colour to paint on the paper for try. We went near the pond. Then we painted the water and water lilies. We started to paint on the canvas. We divided into three groups to paint. When we finished we went to paint at the wall. We painted the black on it and then we drew the Khmer history. Then we painted white on the line and that is our Art History group work.