Exploration 2: Documentary

In the documentary exploration I learned how to use a camera, how to make a video and how to make a storyboard. It was fun to learn how to make a video and share to other people.

Picture before we went on the trip.
Picture before we went on the trip.

In our exploration we had one trip to Siem Reap which is the capital of the Khmer Empire. They have many temples that had been built by the kings in the past. When we were riding on the bus to Siem Reap with a group, we saw many rice fields, birds, rivers, lakes and trees while some of the students slept. We went to Siem Reap and learned about the culture and how the people live at there.


When we arrived there, the orange sun set and it got darker. We were so tired and I was getting a shower while the other students watched TV.

We are in front of Angkor Wat
We are in front of Angkor Wat


The bright sun shone in the morning. We all prepared the clothes to ride the boat to the flooded village. I was walking with anxious legs to the boat. The machine boat was turned on and the boat started to move.

We get on the boat.
We get on the boat


On the boat we sang a song and took many good pictures. We saw many foreigners, birds flying in front of white clouds under the blue sky covered by sunlight. We spent 2-3 hours on the boat until we arrived there.

When we arrived, it was time to eat lunch. The food was on the table of a restaurant at the flooded village. It was yummy and everyone ate a lot. We had an interview with a beautiful community chief with a good question.

IMG_6393 (640x427)
When we are at the Tonley Sab river.

After we interviewed the community chief, we rode the boat back to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel it was dark, no sunlight. Just then, the light was turning on with many colors on the road.

We walked to the restaurant near the hotel. We had a yummy noodle that the pretty lady made for us.

We are in front of Angkor Wat
We are in front of Angkor Wat

The orange sun was rising from the east while we were in front of the Angkor Wat temple. The sound of a lady blew in a speaker. it said, “Today we have a bike race!” We rode the bike too. The distance we had to race was 17 kilometers. The gun was shot to the sky, so the racers started to ride the bikes.

Capture (640x449)

It was fun and I took a lot of pictures on the way.

After racing we came back to our hotel, then went to eat a pizza and some drinks like mango shakes.

We drove back to Liger in the afternoon. The sunset changed to moonlight over the sky. When we arrived at Liger we all immediately went to bed.

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