Project Evaluation

Well, as we are getting older we are getting harder. This year, I’ve been in a exploration with a massive topic for me, which is project evaluation. This is my first time of learning how to evaluate. This topic basically learnt in a collage or high school, but I’m just grade 9. It a bit hard for me to study a new topic and very very hard. By the way, I did it.

Here are my members:Program-Eval-Team-2

So let me tell you, Me and my team were evaluated the Project-based-learning(PBL) and Stem. so how to evaluate are these project are success or not? So we have to ask our self that “what are we evaluate? and why do we evaluate?”. These two question are what we always ask our self. 


Basically, we focus on three criteria. There are relevancy, replicability and results and outcomes.


Relevancy means is it appropriate. That means if they do this project are there enough materials or resources or logistics need. Example, you want to sell a snowboard in Cambodia. Is Cambodia have snow? Is it relevancy?

Replicability means that can it be everywhere. That means can we implemented these  project(PBL and STEM) to all Cambodia government school. Example, you want to make a shop that sell computer in a rural area in Cambodia. Are they know how to use a computer? Do you think you can sell it to them? Is it replicability?

Result and Outcomes means how it goes or what changes. For us the result, we focus on how the students and teacher feel. That means were they happy when they do this project? The outcomes, we focus on the students product to do a presentation. So it easy to understand.

Basically, we used two strategies of evaluation are interviewing and observing. In the questionnaire we have open question and close question. After we do observing and interviewing, we collect the data and analysis the information(we used spreadsheet).

My team feedback’s of the evaluation process are:

  • More complicated than what we were thinking before coming to learn about project evaluation.
    • Learning about concept of project evaluation before evaluate project
    • Not easy to understand the criteria of the evaluation
    • Complicated – analysis-data collection
      • There are too many information, so it hard for us to think
    • Requires team collaboration
      • We can’t work alone to make this evaluation work
    • Mostly discussing
      • Everyday we always talked about the questionaires and analysis the information
    • Not easy to understand the criteria of the evaluation
      • Because of the vocabulary words like relevancy and replicability, so it take a lot of time for my mentor to explain and give example.
    • World as a classroom
      • Along the way to trip we also working and discussing. We not just work in class, we actually work everywhere that why we think world as a classroom.

My highlight of these project of evaluating is that it really hard for me and my team to interview the students because they never had this interview before and also when they saw their friends raise their hand they’re raise too.


So it really difficult to have a good information to analysis. Also, the easiest questions they didn’t understand like did you learn any things new from watching your friends presentation? and they didn’t understand.They always make a wonder face. When I asked they said what are you talking about!? Then we try to explained them and finally they answer our question and not raise their hand follow their friends. It is a good experience of interviewing skill for me for the future.  


By the way, my team make a spectacular work. It hard for me to do this project but it a good experience for me.


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