Entrepreneur Exploration 

When we went to Expo at Koh Pich
When we went to Expo at Koh Pich

1 What was the main thing you learning during Entrepreneurship?

This is my products that I have design
This is my products that I have design
  • During entrepreneurship I learned about 3D printing
  • How to invent new idea that helps peoples
  • I learned how to used 123D Design program to make my products
  • How 3D machine work
  • I learned before making our company what we need to do?
  • How to works in the team
  • How to lead the group and find the solution when we are disagree something

Write the six terms you think are most important? Why do you think they are most important?

  • Target Audience: The reason that I choose Target Audience because when we want to do something we have to talked to the specific peoples.
  • Failing fast: The reason that I choose Failing fast because when we try to make something then it fail but we still doing it. We learned from its and make it better than before.
  •  Profit / Loss: The reason that I choose Profit / Loss because when do business we try to make moneys. It good to know because we know that how much we can sale that we not loss the money.
  • Resilience : The reason that I choose Resilience because the business is hard to make but we still doing it.
  • Market : The reason that I choose Market because when we make our own company we need to find out the market what they need and we we sale our products.
  • Prototype: The reason that I choose Prototype because before we make something we need to have the plan and know the side of the product.

If you could do entrepreneurship exploration again, What would you do different? What product? What term? How to sale?

  • I will check out the market what peoples need
  • Find the place to sale that have a lot of costumer

New products

  • Phone case
  • Cambodia map
  • Study shelf(put pencil, pen, book etc)

I will sale

  • Make the place that put our products
  • Find the market
  • Put the sign of our products that we have
  • I will make the website to sale my products
  • Post the video of my products

Visited my site



Please check the video here:

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