Entrepreneurship 2

In Liger there was a exploration named Entrepreneurship and they were making a chilly sauce.Chilli Sauce 2

I’m the second group whose learned in that exploration. The things that I like that exploration are:

  1. I get to choose the job that I want to do

53167592.We always discuss in whole group about the problems and we’re solve it

9099073.I got to taste the chilli sauce with the fresh ingredients

4.Went on trips to give the customers tasting our chilli sauce

5.I can have made a video that talked about the chilli sauce.   

6.We had made up a situation in real business like corruption, added value and more

7.Learned about the steps to start a business 


8.While we learned a curriculum we also working on the business

That what I like in entrepreneur.


I learned so many things that about the business but I would like to tell you only one that I really think that is really important.One main thing that stayed with me since I learned in entrepreneur class is building trust. When the customers trust you and your product then next time they will buy again and tell others that want to buy that product. If the trust doesn’t have in your business your business will be fail.


Also I had made a video about the Chilli Sauce business. The reason that I make the video is because everyone can says and post on the blog that says like “I’m work very hard.” Do you believe it? You won’t believe me one hundred percent. So I want to show and tell the investors that we are working really hard not just saying without trying hard, we actually do it hard for you investors.
Here check the video out:

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