Hidden Voice

The Hidden Voices group is trying to protect old endangered songs for the new generation to discover. Before we went on the trip (to Kompong Speu and Mondulkiri) we learned how to use many technology for recording and editing. When we interviewed many people and recorded them. After the trip, we gathered all the clips we had recorded and took pictures for (our) blog. We really wanted to have clear information about the old singers and writers, so we took another trip to the Ministry of Information to interview Mr. Mao Ah Yut(deputy director).The reason we interview him because he use to know a lot of the old singer and the songwriter. The coolest thing about it was we made a podcast. So we edited all the video clips and mixed it’s for the radio to save it. We are Cambodian so we all care about our culture and our songs. Please record your grandma and grandpa’s singing to save and share with your friends and the world. Keep our music alive!







When we are having trip
When we are having trip

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